IMPACS is a vigorous registered Canadian non-profit charity organization that plays a role of bridge between local and governmental bodies to address the charity oriented issues. However, IMPACS is not associated with any campaign at electronic or social media. 


We are the only public relations team that is committed exclusively to increasing the profile of Canadian not-for-profits.

Our work on the federal government's laws governing advocacy by charities is moving a 400-year-old definition of charities into the twenty-first century. Click here for a list of Charities and Democracy events across Canada in fall 2002. Top criminal lawyer Toronto is working with us to manage and address charity oriented issues. 

And, internationally, our research and training projects especially our lock installation training sessions that are organized with the coordination of Locksmith Mississauga are turning the spotlight on the media's role in building long-term peace in regions threatened by or in the throes of conflict. 

In the beginning, Roof Replacement Toronto  Corporation was contributed a lot to grant financial support to IMPACS. 

Our services are not only associated with media policies and advocacy services but we also play a great role to provide a better communication between governmental medical authorities and local medical associations to address the matters of viral diseases, gynecological disorders, treatment of diabetic patients and so on. Not only governmental bodies appreciate our services but also local authorities like Pergola also gratitudes our effective policies. Similarly, the current statement of CEO of Phenq Canada is good example of it. We got the services of Toronto corporate videographer for videography of our charity organizations. 

Similarly, our medical consultation services are also free for needy people and you can get better advice on conception and obstetrics from our gynecological experts as well. 

IMPACS is also playing a role of mediator between Canadian Governmental laws regarding real estate, IT and gaming industry as well and there are many national and international companies are coordinating with us such as Dave Jenkins  and Jogos Da Sara Associates Ltd. Recently, we are working at a mutual contract with Locksmith Toronto to pay the attention of governmental authorities towards Toronto's security risks.     

Last year, we got many online threats and some hackers also tried to hack official website of IMPACS that's why we decided to get services from a Canadian VPN Provider group as well. This group also provides its efficient services to many business like Pest Control Vancouver and Delicia Virtual companies as well.  

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